What is old fanpage ? What is a Resistance Fanpage? Why buy a fanpage without creating a free Fanpage yourself?

In this article, I will briefly introduce about Fanpage.
Why should only buy Fanpage and not create Fanpage in old account just bought

- Old Fanpage : 
is a type of fanpage created a long time ago, the time the fanpage was created can be random from 2010-2021, the fanpage has a random number of likes and interactions.
 Old fan page image :

- Resistance Fanpage : Resistance fanpage is a stubborn fanpage used to run sales ads very effectively because resistance fanpage is harder to die than normal fanpage. The reason is because the resistance fanpage is a clean fanpage, has run ads, is locked and successfully resisted, so the durability when running ads must be said to be extremely strong.

-  Why buy a fanpage without creating a free Fanpage yourself? 
Normally our accounts have been set up securely and have a long hibernation period, if you create a new fanpage on a long-hibernated account, it will be suspected by FB, and the account identity verification request is very high .
Instead, you should buy old fanpage or restored fanpage, with high stamina will be very good for your advertising.


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