Instructions to open checkpoint 956 (email verification form)
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Instructions to open checkpoint 956 (email verification form)

Writing date: 2023-06-11 17:39:07

After logging in you will see a checkpoint like the image below :

Next we will choose "continue" and choose the method to get the code by mail. In some cases, it will show up to get a code by mail or use an ID card. Note that if you choose one of the two, you will choose to receive the code by email

Please check the correct email to receive the code.

Please login to your email ( and look in your inbox to see the message requesting code from facebook and copy that code

As a final step, you just need to paste the code that you copied earlier into your facebook page and submit the code. then continue as requested by fb . We are open to check email 956 successfully

Thank You For Accompanying
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