How to recognize Identity Verification Account (2 lines) - What is Account 902
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How to recognize Identity Verification Account (2 lines) - What is Account 902

Writing date: 2023-06-07 00:11:11

Dear customer : 
- Here's how to distinguish 2 Line accounts (identity verification) and 3 Line accounts (902 resistance)


Green 2 line 

- One of the main reasons why a user's Facebook account is automatically locked is because the system doubts its integrity. For example : your account does not use the correct registered name , does not leave the main avatar ... ... and many other reasons . At this time, Facebook requires identity verification with personal documents.
You can then use your personal documents to verify your account. If facebook approves your identity, then your account has officially become an identity verified account (Green 2 Line).
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- Easy-to-recognize image of 2 Line accounts on website:

-How to check 2 line accounts easily : How to check 2 line accounts easily -> you can paste this link directly and check your account 
 Image after pasting the link

- 2 line green account image

 Green 3 line


- The cause of account 902 is usually:

The IP of the machine is linked to a dirty account or bad behavior like running explosive ads...
Account hacked or reported.
Network IP, abnormal login IP, log in from 1 IP, naturally switch to another IP login.

- Easy-to-recognize image of 3 Line accounts on website:

- The method of checking 3 lines accounts is the same as above, I have instructed to check 2 lines accounts

Verified Accounts - Warranty 1 for 1

  • Within 24 hours from the time of purchase. Warranty 1 for 1 if the account does not have a green check mark of 2 lines or 3 lines.
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