Instructions to change the country, time zone, currency of the ad account, What are the conditions to change the above properties?

-I will guide you to change the country, currency and time zone of your facebook ad account.
Before you want to change your ad account's currency, time zone, or country. You need to check your account information. because we have account types that cannot change currency, time zone and country
Here's how to check your account information.

For example this account will not be able to change the country currency and time zone

The next step is to log in to the account for which you want to change the currency, time zone, and country. Once logged in, you can use this link, which will be the link to the payment settings : , 
The image below is after you enter the path, use the "edit" button to continue

Next, you can choose and change according to your needs. I will number the screen
1. Country 2. Currency 3. Time zone

If you are from Brazil or India, you must enter your business information and tax number in the information below (if you are from another country, you do not need to enter) and finally click "Save" to complete the change. change your own 

I have some caveats: 
- If you want to change to Vietnam , Brazil or India currency, your Ad Account needs to have Brazil or India country in order to use that country's currency. As for other countries such as pakistan, philippines, indonesia, ...., sold on the site can be exchanged normally.
- Each account can only change the currency, time zone, and country properties once (each property is allowed to change once), so once changed it can't be changed again
-Accounts that have added a payment method won't be able to change those attributes, you should double-check your account before adding a payment card.


Thank you for accompanying