What is 2FA, instructions to get 2FA code

2FA (Two-factor authentication) means 2-factor authentication or also known as 2-step security verification method. 2FA is a very effective and recently adopted security method. Instead of 1 layer security before, you will now be securely protected with information thanks to 2 "solid walls". 
All of our accounts are set up for security 2 fa.
* Example: 100099884477|messi345|NKJSF5SD4SDVS65SDBE|123face@hotmail.com|Technology888|123face@getnada.com

Username: 100099884477

Password: messi345


I will guide you to get the 2FA code at our website:
Step 1 : Account login

Step 2 : After logging in, a screen will appear where you need to enter the correct code 2fa :

Step 3: Open a new tab and use the link https://hitools.pro/. Then copy the 2fa character sequence and paste it in the place you specify as shown in the picture to get the code :

Step 4: After copying the 2fa code, we go back to the facebook login page and paste the 2fa code to continue logging in.

After completing step 4, we have solved the 2fa security layer, just continue to complete the login

Thank you for accompanying 123face.net