If the account doesn't work or password is incorrect (you can't log in) or banned (before ads run) or restricted (before ads run), we will fix or replace it:

2 days warranty for BUSINESS MANAGER (BM)
2 days warranty for FANPAGE FACEBOOK

We only guarantee the wrong password for CLONE FACEBOOK - FRESH FACEBOOK - NEW FACEBOOK
Please consider before buying CLONE FACEBOOK - FRESH FACEBOOK - NEW FACEBOOK

We refuse the warranty in the following cases:

- In the case of adding a card, the account is disabled => We refuse the warranty
- Using the "forgot password" function will disable the "checkpoint about email" function => We refuse the warranty
- You use the account to create BM, create an advertising campaign, Add Personal Account as the account is disabled => We refuse the warranty

After checking and confirming the faulty account, we will fix it as soon as possible.
If we can't fix the error, we will refund the money to your website account so you can proceed to buy another order.

Automatically add money to your account and send goods right at the website:

1. Select the method to add money (top up) to your account using the payment methods below:
- Crypto Auto (You will incur a small transaction fee for 3rd parties)
- Crypto Manual (Available only while we are online)
- Perfect Money (Automatically add money quickly and easily)
- Wise (It is possible to transfer money internationally from countries to each other using a credit/debit card)
- AdvCash (It is possible to transfer money internationally from countries to each other using a credit/debit card)

2. Select the account you want to buy and buy directly at the website
- "Information" button to view account details
- "Illustration" button to see the description image of the account
- "Buy Now" button to buy account

3. The system will automatically redirect to the purchased orders page
- At: https://123face.net/client/orders

Note for manual payment method (Crypto Manual, Wise, AdsCash, Bank):
- We will support to add money to the account immediately during the time we are online (10am - 1h next day, time zone + 7 Bangkok)
- If you make a deposit while we are offline, the money will be immediately added to your account when we are online

Note for automatic payment method (Crypto Auto, Perfect Money):
- Please send the correct amount you want to top up (including network fees and 3rd party fees if any)
- If you send the wrong amount of money entered on the website, the system will not add money automatically, you need to contact the Admin immediately for support.

We sell products that are already in stock, so you will receive them immediately upon successful purchase.

We can directly guide the basic tips below for free if you purchased from our website:

- Instructions for logging in to your account (Profile, BM, Clone)
- Instructions for checking accounts (Green tick)
- Instructions to change the password properly
- Instructions to open checkpoint about mail
- Instructions to add administrators to Profile FB, Business managers, Fanpage
- Instructions on how to create multiple Web browsers running parallel multiple accounts on 1 computer
- And some other tricks if we know

We have live guide support via:

We can't teach you how to create ads or advanced tricks. So you need to get more knowledge from many sources

You do not need to change your password, email or any other account information

We changed passwords, changed email, changed phone numbers, enabled 2FA security, and signed out on all legacy devices. So the acc owner will not be able to get the hacked account back.

If you are not a professional user, We recommend that you simply log in to your account and use it. Do not change any information of the account to avoid making the account become abnormal leading to being locked, banned, disabled...

Prestige and professionalism make up our success. We guarantee 100% account is always absolutely secure!

We always have the policy of giving away more accounts for bulk orders.

For example: Buy 5 get 1 free, buy 10 get 3 free, buy 20 get 10 free,... even there are buy 1 get 1 free accounts.

The promotion of each account type is different, so you need to see it here:

All sales are final. Once the accounts are delivered, you need to properly maintain the accounts. If the defective account is covered by the warranty policy, we will refund the money to your account

Yes, of course!

We are honored to be the account provider for individuals and resellers.

Please notify us if you buy and resell, we will have promotions for sellers in bulk.

In case the account is locked due to abnormal login activity, Facebook will ask for a confirmation code to be sent to the email. Customers only need to log in to the provided email to get the code. You can then easily unlock your account and continue using it.

Green 2 Line is an account whose identity has been verified by providing ID card or driver's license with information that matches the information on the Facebook account and has been accepted by Facebook.
After Facebook accepts the upload document, Facebook will return the following results:

Green 3 Line, also known as 902 resistance, is an account with limited advertising function due to a violation of some Facebook policy. To appeal 902, it is mandatory to go through identity verification (Green 2 Line), then appeal to Facebook. After Facebook returns a successful result, the following message will appear:

Green 3 Line is more difficult to produce than Green 2 Line, the strength of Green 3 Line in advertising is also stronger than Green 2 Line. So the price of Green 3 Line is always much higher than Green 2 Line

@getnada.com is a spam email that doesn't need to use password to login, As long as you have an email, anyone can login @getnada.com through getnada.com or hitools.pro

Getnada is used to verify hotmail. In case of hotmail login requires recovery email for verification. We use getnada because it's free and convenient, it's also safe to use for hotmail verification

When you log in to hotmail to read mail, if hotmail asks you to verify the code sent to the recovery mail (getnada), you just need to log in to getnada and get the code to reopen hotmail and use it normally.

Details on how to login @getnada can be found here: Instructions login Recovery email (Getnada)