What is BM, popular types of BM in the market, where to buy reputable BM?
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What is BM, popular types of BM in the market, where to buy reputable BM?

Writing date: 2023-06-08 12:18:48

- What is BM Facebook? 

The Facebook Business Manager is a free tool provided by Facebook designed to help businesses and agencies centrally and securely manage their advertising, Pages, and digital assets. It offers a platform for handling ad accounts, Pages, employee access, and more, all without the need to share personal login credentials.

Key features of the Facebook Business Manager include:

  • Management of Multiple Pages and Ad Accounts: You can oversee all your marketing resources on Facebook from a single interface.
  • Access and Permission Management: Allocate and retract access for employees, manage roles, and permissions without the necessity to share login details.
  • Enhanced Security: It provides additional layers of security to protect your business and customer information.
  • Analytics Tools: It comes with integrated analytics to monitor the performance of your Pages and ads, aiding you in making decisions based on data.
  • Digital Assets Management: Manage and share digital assets securely among team members or with external partners.
  • Product Catalog Management: Create and manage your product catalog, enabling its use in advertisements and on Facebook Shop.
  • Facebook Pixel: Configure and manage Facebook Pixel, a tracking feature that allows you to assess the effectiveness of your advertising and build custom audiences.

The Facebook Business Manager is a vital tool for marketers, allowing them to efficiently manage their online advertising and marketing resources while maintaining personal privacy and business security.
- Popular types of BM on the market today : 
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