Many of you are facing the case of an ad account right after adding the card. This makes the tense situation in the already tense Facebook advertising industry even more tense. It costs BM, it costs via, now it costs more cards, but it can't make 123face's research team discouraged. After a lot of research and discussion with the community members as well as customers of 123face, we have found the most optimal solution for adding cards at the present time (which is highly appreciated up to 99% success)

To avoid account limitation when adding cards, please do the following:

Step 1: Fake IP to Philippines
Step 2: Access the following path:
Step 3: Select the ad account you want to add the card to
Step 4: Select "I have a question about payment method" (line 3)
Step 5: Select "Add payment method" (line 1)
Step 6: Select Next "Add payment method now" and fill in card information