Facebook account login guide for beginners

* Example: 100099884477|messi345|NKJSF5SD4SDVS65SDBE|123face@hotmail.com|Technology888|123face@getnada.com

* Values are separated by " | ". Includes: UID | Password | 2FA | Email veri | Email password | Recovery email (There may be) | Backup link (There may be)


Username: 100099884477

Password: messi345


Email veri: 123face@hotmail.com

Email password: Technology888

Recovery email: 123face@getnada.com

[Recovery email] used to unlock [Email veri] at login requires email verification


** Link login Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/

** Link get code 2FA: https://hitools.pro

** Link login email: https://login.live.com

** Link login recover mail: https://inboxes.com/

Log in to your account: https://www.facebook.com/

How to get 2fa code at:https://hitools.pro/


How to login email:https://login.live.com

How to get recovery email code:

Send request to get getnada.com code

Use the link to receive the code : https://getnada.com/ or https://inboxes.com/

Finally, please click "Add Inbox" to receive the code. If you sent the code once and have not received it, please repeat the steps to send the code to receive the recovery email after about 5-7 minutes.

Thank you for accompanying 123face.net